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A whole page about ME?
I shouldn’t have.

profile-1 I am an accomplished development and design professional with broad-based knowledge and expertise in a variety of front-end technologies. With over 15 years in development and design, I have mastered the skills necessary to communicate effectively with team members at all levels of an organization and translate ideas/concepts into reality. In my current position I helped turn around a division that was in severe decline. Over the course of 2 years I played a critical role in re-branding the business and we were successful in setting it on a path to growth which led to the division be acquired by FMG Suite.

In my role I was responsible for:

  • Productizing our entire custom development business, enabling our sales team to present menu items with scope built-in, leading to a dramatic increase in closed deals and nearly eliminating fallout during the development process (which was common under previous management).
  • Permanently catching the business up, on what was previously a chronic backlog.
  • Implement proper forecasting, make critical (and sometimes hard) staffing decisions
  • Sourcing a flexible offshore resource that enabled us to take on burst capacity while maintaining healthy margins.